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Sitecore and CoTe

Why CoTe has partnered with Sitecore

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Context is everything, especially when it comes to marketing and managing customer experience. One of the great features of CoTe partner Sitecore Solution Partners is that it focuses on building relationships and nurturing leads based on the context of previous interactions with your organisation.

Sitecore is a very powerful content management system that incorporates digital customer experience management into its platform. The result is a versatile, flexible and highly effective CMS that allows organisations to deliver outstanding customer relationship management and personalised marketing to prospects and customers.

Customer experience is at the core of what we do, and it’s a mindset that Sitecore shares. That’s just one of the things we love about Sitecore, though. Here are a few more!

  • Deliver a unique web experience for every customer. Sitecore is a great solution for organisations who want to delivers targeted, relevant content to unique visitors, visitor types, or personas by allowing you to set personalisation rules that test details about visitors during their visit.
  • It provides great customer intelligence. Knowing your customers is the cornerstone of a successful customer experience, and an effective marketing and customer relationship management strategy. With Sitecore’s customer intelligence, you’ll know exactly what your customers are doing in web and mobile presence, how they are interacting with your business and what you need to do to develop those leads and boost your sales.
  • The only integrated experience management platform. Cross channel delivery means that you’re delivering a connected experience across multiple communication channels including email, your website, mobile, social media and print. Customers these days expect that organisations will know who they are whatever device they are using and whatever the channel of communication. If you can meet these expectations, and even exceed them, you can build stronger, lasting relationships with prospects and customers.

We are very excited to be a Sitecore partner and we’re confident that our partnership with Sitecore will allow us to bring an even stronger service offering to our customers.


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