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Centre of Technology Excellence

Experts in Digital Customer Engagement

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CoTé’s trusted experts provide strategic, tactical and transformation advice related to all aspects of Customer Engagement and Enterprise Information Capability around technology, people and processes.

With the increasing amount of competition through digital disruption, many of our customers have complexity in their technology, process and culture that impacts their ideal digital customer experience. We partner with organisations to formulate a technology strategy and blueprint that enables a realistic roadmap of technology initiatives. Our goal is to independently provide advice, guidance and expertise to assist clients in the creation of strategies ranging from the articulation of the digital client experience, the development of enterprise architecture, technology roadmaps and solution design. Our advisory team help organisations to accelerate their Digital Transformation to be “digitally ready”. At CoTé, we understand the challenge this can present for organisations and offer Advisory, Change Management and Training Services to help our clients achieve adoption, utilisation and ultimately the return on their technology investments.

Technical and Advisory Services

Providing strategic and tactical advice related to all aspects of Digital Customer Engagement and Enterprise Information Management capability with respect to both the current and future state. We support organisations to develop a strategic roadmap of technical change that transforms their customer experience.

Change Management

We guide our clients through a simple and practical approach to Change Management following a system derived from a range of well recognised approaches to Change Management, such as Kotter’s 8 Step Process and Lawson and Price’s Model for Successful Change.

Change Strategy and Planning

Through developing a sound working relationship, we are able to assist your organisation to articulate and communicate the key messages to all those affected by the change initiative. This involves defining the vision for change, determining the best approach for change, charting the outcomes to be expected and planning to manage the impact on the organisation and mitigate identified risks. Continual monitoring and adjustment through feedback and ongoing support facilitates a smooth transition and the realisation of positive business outcomes.

Business Impacts Assessment

Implementation of a new system or process requires clear understanding of the current state of operations and the future state business requirements to identify the high, medium and low impacts across people, processes, policies, procedures and technology. We assist in the provision of frameworks and tools for analysing, structuring and development of your business policies, processes and procedures that accompany technological change.

Stakeholder Analysis

In order to develop the processes required for managing and improving human performance in a changing environment, it is important to understand the way jobs are structured, the overall workflow and reporting lines in order to identify individuals and groups of stakeholders that are impacted and / or influence the successful implementation of the change initiative. A sound Stakeholder/Organisational Analysis helps to inform the Communication and Engagement plan and sets the framework for the Training Needs Analysis.

Comprehensive Training Needs Analysis

The Training Needs Analysis provides a summary of the key stakeholder groups who have a training need as a result of change. It details factors that might impact on teaching and learning within the organisation so that a best practice Training and Support Plan can be developed to meet both individual and organisational needs.

Completion of these phases informs the Change Management Roadmap which gives the business direction and enables actions to be taken through a

  • Communication and Engagement Plan
  • And a Training and Support Plan

CoTé Software and Solutions support organisations to develop Digital Customer Engagement and Enterprise Information Management capabilities to be more effective in engaging, connecting and communicating with their customers.  Our approach drives top-line growth, builds loyalty and reduces costs.

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