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What is Customer Centric vs. Product Centric thinking?

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Consumers have never been as connected as they are today and their changing expectations have led to some necessary changes in the way organisations define themselves. For many this has led to a massive shift from product centric to customer centric thinking.

So what is the difference between an organisation that is product centred and one that’s customer centred? There are two main differences according to In Context Mag.


The main distinction is that customer centric businesses put the customer at the very centre of all their systems and policies. This means creating a strategy that details how they plan to handle their customer communications across the organisation and not only investing in the software to provide this, but also looking at the entire organisation from a customer’s perspective.

Businesses that are still product centric prioritise the product and sales over the experience of their customers. They may believe that customer experience is important and put customer experience strategies in place, but this belief does not form the foundation of the entire organisation.

Use of technology

Customer centric businesses know they need to communicate with customers through their own preferred medium, which these days, means digitally. Mobile apps, websites, SMS and instant messaging all come into play here as different customers have different preferred methods of communication. While print does still have a place, its importance is diminishing rapidly and customer centric organisations know they need to be available when and where their customers want them to be.

Many product centric businesses still fail to interact digitally with their customers, or they have limited means of doing so and this can be a mistake. With changing customer expectations, loyalty is likely to lie with the organisations that meet their customers’ needs and wants – people are less willing to bend to the demands of product centric businesses and this is only going to increase in the future.

Is your organisation product or customer centric? Businesses that adopt a customer centric approach from the top down are going to be the ones that succeed and thrive in the future. Think about your organisational attitudes, not just that of your customer service team, and how well you are able to use technology to meet your customers’ changing needs.

Making your business customer centric may be a big shift now, but it’s one that is likely to pay off in the future.






How to Use Personalisation to Boost Your Customer Relationships (and Sales!)

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Personalisation is important when it comes to building customer relationships but many organisations underestimate just how important it is to tailor your content and offers to the individual rather than taking a general approach. It’s easy to be confused as to the definition of personalisation and exactly what it means. The reality is, personalisation is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and it’s something that is not only wanted by customers, it’s increasingly becoming expected.

What is personalisation?

Personalisation is about providing tailored experiences and bespoke content across different stages of the customer journey. It’s about paying attention to customer behavior and providing them with information based on their behavior and previous choices.

When done properly, personalisation lets you anticipate what your customer might purchase and what interests them so you can provide it to them. This makes their life easier and helps build and maintain a great relationship with your brand.

How to use personalisation

The Prestashop blog lists three ways you can personalise your customer journey to boost your sales. They are:

  1. Collaborative filtering: This is where you filter information based on what the majority of shoppers are doing. This taps into a basic herd mentality and encourages other shoppers to follow suit. You can do things like highlight best selling products, or list items that customers with similar shopping habits also bought.
  2. Audience segmentation: This is where an organisation targets individuals according to certain traits that they share, for instance their age, location, or other demographics. They might also target by purchasing habits or other behaviour. Once you have your segments clearly defined you can tailor content that is most likely suit each segment and that’s relevant to them.
  3. One on one: This is personalisation in its truest form. By collecting a whole range of data on a single customer you can then personalise every communication with them to provide a much better experience and increase the chances of them buying from you. You can use a broad spectrum of data for one on one personalisation including behaviour, their interaction on social media or via email, purchasing history, interests and their stage on the customer journey.

Personalisation is a powerful marketing strategy that can help you build those all important customer relationships and increase your sales over time. Much of it can be automated, making it the ideal strategy for organisations of all different shapes and sizes.

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Why CoTé Software and Solutions has partnered with

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At CoTé, we have strategic partnerships with a number of different leading industry Solution Providers Why do we do this? It’s simple. Our partners allow us to expand our scope of services to our customers and help us find even more ways to do what we love most, that is, join the dots between technology and  great customer experience.

One of these partners is Salesforce; Salesforce is a world class CRM platform that helps businesses connect to their customers in a whole new way. By nurturing prospects using automation, Salesforce allows organisations to manage their customer relationships and build  develop strong customer advocacy in  much less time and a lot less effort than any other system.

Through our collaboration with Salesforce we help our customers develop and implement automated CRM solutions that will boost their sales and provide them with the insight they need to improve their business results and maximise  efficiency.

Here are some of the reasons we love Salesforce:

  • It’s completely cloud based. Because Salesforce is based entirely in the cloud it’s convenient, there’s no software or hardware and it can be used on any device and any location with an Internet connection. This means greater flexibility and easier collaboration between employees in multiple locations. You can access and use Salesforce at any time from anywhere, making it the most convenient as well as the most effective CRM system.
  • It’s fully integrated. Trying to manage all your customer and prospect interactions across different systems can be time consuming and it often leads to missed opportunities. Salesforce’s platform is fully integrated so it manages all customer and prospect interactions in the one place – complete customer lifecycle.
  • It has a solid analytics platform. With Salesforce Wave Analytics you will never be left in the dark about what is going on in your business. Their excellent analytics platform not only gives you an insight into what is going on in your business, it also makes predictions and uncovers patterns in your data that you might not have been aware of. This means you can not only work harder, but also work smarter.

What it means for you

As part of CoTé’s extensive digital customer engagement Services and Solutions capability, our CRM Practice will provide Salesforce strategy, solution design, implementation and delivery services to our clients for new and existing solutions.

Given our proven digital customer engagement knowledge and experience across Customer Communications and Customer Experience Management, CoTé will be uniquely positioned to offer a fresh and more integrated perspective to clients where a deeper understanding of the broader digital customer engagement solution ecosystem is becoming increasingly important.

Registered Partner

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