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How Changing Technology is Impacting Customer Service

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Customer service is the mainstay of your organisation’s reputation. Looking after your customers is paramount if you want to remain in business but over the last few years, customer care has gone though a number of changes. It’s now easier than ever for customers to share negative feedback online and switch providers but there are also more great ways that organisations can meet the needs of their customers and exceed their expectations.

Changing technology has had a huge impact on customer care in recent years. Here are a few of the most significant changes that have taken place according to

Predictive analytics

We might not yet have a crystal ball to tell us when something is going to go wrong with a product or service, but predictive analytics is the next best thing.

Anticipating customer issues and taking proactive steps to fixing them is one of the best ways to build customer loyalty and a great customer experience, and with predictive analytics this process is much easier. With the Internet of things, products can be connected to the Internet so they can let organisations know when there is a problem, before the customer does.

Chatbots and artificial intelligence

While we’re not quite ready to replace human customer service agents, we are seeing an increase in automated chat services that can take care of routine queries, leaving human customer support agents to tackle the more complex issues. Robot customer support is cost effective and available 24/7 and it means that human customer support agents can be utilised where they are most effective, building relationships and helping customers with more complex issues.

Readily available feedback

These days there is no excuse not to know exactly what your customers think of your organisation and products. Technology has given us a multitude of different ways to gather feedback in real time and use this insight to improve processes and products.

Not only is it important to seek out feedback and act on it, your business reputation depends on it. With social media and review sites it’s now very easy for a negative review to go viral and this can cause untold damage to your reputation if it happens.

Technology is coming to the forefront of customer care in many organisations and there are numerous ways that new technology can help businesses better meet the needs of their customers. Keeping up to date with the latest developments in customer care technology lets you find new, innovative ways to keep your customers happy and ensure their loyalty in the future.


How to Create an Effective Customer Experience Strategy

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Customer experience is a crucial aspect of customer relationship management and a great experience forms the cornerstone of any successful sales strategy.

A good experience makes it more likely that a new customer will make a repeat purchase and become a loyal customer. Not only that but loyal customers make great brand advocates and if treated well, they are likely to bring in more customers.

More and more organisations are starting to see the benefits of creating a great experience for their customers and as a result are investing heavily in customer experience tools and strategies. In the future, organisations that don’t put customer experience at the forefront of their brand are likely to fall behind those who do, which is why it’s important to think about it now.

In spite of all this time and attention spent on creating a great customer experience, very few brands actually deliver successfully. Often this is down to their strategy, or lack of.

An effective strategy will get you off to a better start than jumping straight in without any particular idea of what you want to do. Here are a few pointers we found on the SuperOffice blog that will help get you started when you’re looking to create an effective customer experience strategy:

  • Set a clear vision for your business. If you’re going to deliver effectively you need to first have a clear customer experience vision. How do you want your customers to feel about your brand? What do you want them to say? This vision will set the foundation for your entire strategy.
  • Know your customers. To provide a great customer experience you need to understand your customers, to know their wants, their fears and their interests. Once you know what they want, you can go about giving it to them, otherwise you’re just taking a wild guess – you might hit the mark, but it’s more likely you will miss.
  • Create a structured feedback system. Feedback is crucial to delivering an outstanding customer experience but unless you ask for it you’re not likely to get it. There are plenty of automated survey tools that can be sent out to customers once they have made a purchase and it’s a good idea to do this. If a customer raises an issue make sure you deal with it promptly.
  • Listen to your employees. However clear your strategy, unmotivated, disgruntled employees are not going to provide a great customer experience. It’s a good idea to create a feedback policy for your employees as well as your customers. Create an organisational culture where employees can speak up and regularly seek feedback from them. You might be surprised at the results!
  • Measure your results. Measuring your ROI, sales, leads, customer engagement and other results should be an integral part of your customer experience strategy. This is the only way you’ll know if your hard work is actually paying off. One great metric to track is your Net Promoter Score or NPS. This is the number of customers who would recommend you to a friend or relative.

Creating a great customer experience shouldn’t be about guesswork. Taking a strategic approach can save you time and money, and most importantly, help you get better results and happier customers.

What’s the Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience?

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We hear a lot about customer experience these days and it’s a term that can be confusing and misleading. While you might be aware of the importance of customer experience, it’s easy to lump it in with customer service and assume that your great customer service team have it all under control.

The truth is, customer experience and customer service are related but they are also different. Still confused? Well, customer service is part of the customer’s overall experience with your organisation, but it is not the whole picture.

The Superoffice blog clarifies this more extensively by explaining that when we talk about customer experience we are talking about the entire experience a customer has with your brand, from the moment they first search for your products on their mobile, to their request for support after they’ve taken it out of the box.

Customer service is all about the interactions a customer has with a person working for your organisation. Great customer service is absolutely crucial for building loyalty and a good reputation, but it is only one part of the story. If you want to create a great customer experience you want to look at the entire picture and ensure that anywhere and any time your customers come into contact with your brand, their experience is a positive one.

Customer experience covers factors like the functionality of your website, the timeliness of your service, how easy completing a transaction is, and how straightforward it is for them to set up and use your product once they get it home. All these can and often do take place without your customer coming into contact with a human at all.

The power of technology is such that customer experience now depends largely on the software you are using for your CRM, your delivery tracking systems, how well developed and fast your website is and a number of other criteria. The best software platforms are personalised and tailored to your business, and are able to automate much of the personalisation that is expected by customers these days.

Keeping customers up to date about the status of their orders, responding promptly to feedback and support requests and meeting and exceeding expectations are all part of a great customer experience, as is fantastic customer service.

Think about your business. What are you doing to create a great customer experience independently of your customer service staff? Do you have systems in place that are designed to help your customers and provide a great experience?