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Are We In the Age of the Customer?

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If you’ve been keeping an ear to the ground you’ve probably heard rumours about the ‘age of the customer’. While there’s no denying that we’ve entered a period where customer experience and satisfaction is more important than ever before, is customer experience really the be all and end all we’re led to believe?

While it might sound a bit over the top to talk about it as the ‘age of the customer,’ according to the Salesforce blog that’s exactly where we are now. Customers are now at the centre of the entire business process and as customer centred businesses grow, we’re all going to have to accept these changes if we’re going to be able to keep up.

According to Salesforce there are a number of signs that indicate the age of the customer is now upon us. Here are a few of our favourites:

  1. Everyone has a smartphone. With smartphone technology becoming ubiquitous, virtually every single customer now has a purchasing device in his or her pocket. It’s no longer up to customers to go to a physical store if they want to make a purchase, they expect brands to be available to them, on the device of their choosing, 24/7.
  2. The Internet of Things. It’s not just phones that allow customers to connect, it’s everything. Ordinary household appliances are now capable of remembering a customer’s preferences and delivering them an experience that is tailored to them specifically. Brands need to be able to do the same if they want to keep up.
  3. Social media allows the flow of ideas. Customers are increasingly able to connect with each other and share ideas over social networks. There are communities set up for just about every possible interest and idea you can think about and its up to marketers and brands to get in on the action by giving customers a place where they can come together and share their ideas.
  4. Personalisation is huge. Now that we have the technology available for intensive personalisation, it’s becoming an expectation. Brands now have the means to place their customers at the centre of their process through tools like automation, where it just wouldn’t have been possible before.

The combination of technological development and changing customer expectations has created a perfect storm with the customer at the centre.

Organisations need to put their customers first if they are going to succeed – those who continue to resist this development are going to find they start losing customers very soon. Make sure your organisation is set up to thrive in the age of the customer by making customer experience a priority now.




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How to Build Amazing Bonds With Your Customers

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Getting up close and personal with your customers has never been more important than it is now. In an increasingly competitive business environment, customer bonds and close relationships can be a crucial factor in getting ahead of the competition and growing those sales.

Many businesses struggle to come up with effective ways to stay close to their customers and build those relationships. It doesn’t have to be difficult but you do need to be consistent and adopt a customer centric attitude. According to Salesforce, here are five great ways to build those bonds with your customers and help ensure their loyalty over the long term.

1. Prioritise customer experience

It’s important that your customers feel they are your priority and this will need to be demonstrated through a clear commitment to customer service at every touchpoint. Without this commitment to customer experience it’s unlikely you’ll be able to build those strong bonds.

2. Present a good image

Your brand image is the first impression you give to people. Make sure you keep it as shiny and clean as possible. Your customers are not likely to want to deal with an organisation that is known for being untrustworthy, unethical or anything else negative.

3. Create content for your customers

The right content helps your customers engage with your brand and feel connected on a deeper level. If it’s useful, funny or informative your customers will appreciate it and they are more likely to return to your business over and over again. Great content doesn’t focus on selling, it provides something of value and creates awareness about the story behind your brand.

4. Be proactive in seeking feedback

More and more customers rely on feedback before they make a decision to buy and the more positive feedback they can find, the more likely they are to purchase from you. To establish a good base of feedback, you can actively encourage your customers to leave a review or rating. This will give you a steady flow of good feedback that you can publish on your website or another digital platform.

5. Be transparent

Trust is an essential factor in any relationship and once it’s gone it’s very hard to get back again. If you want to build strong bonds with your customers you need to be honest and transparent at all times. Keep your customers informed of changes and deal with any complaints openly and honestly and you will build a reputation for integrity and trustworthiness that will stand you in good stead over the long term.

It’s well worth taking the time to build those great relationships with your customers now. As we go into the next few years we’re going to see an increase in customer centric businesses and if you can gain the hearts and minds of your customers now, you can set yourself up for greater future success.

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Why CoTé Software and Solutions has partnered with

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At CoTé, we have strategic partnerships with a number of different leading industry Solution Providers Why do we do this? It’s simple. Our partners allow us to expand our scope of services to our customers and help us find even more ways to do what we love most, that is, join the dots between technology and  great customer experience.

One of these partners is Salesforce; Salesforce is a world class CRM platform that helps businesses connect to their customers in a whole new way. By nurturing prospects using automation, Salesforce allows organisations to manage their customer relationships and build  develop strong customer advocacy in  much less time and a lot less effort than any other system.

Through our collaboration with Salesforce we help our customers develop and implement automated CRM solutions that will boost their sales and provide them with the insight they need to improve their business results and maximise  efficiency.

Here are some of the reasons we love Salesforce:

  • It’s completely cloud based. Because Salesforce is based entirely in the cloud it’s convenient, there’s no software or hardware and it can be used on any device and any location with an Internet connection. This means greater flexibility and easier collaboration between employees in multiple locations. You can access and use Salesforce at any time from anywhere, making it the most convenient as well as the most effective CRM system.
  • It’s fully integrated. Trying to manage all your customer and prospect interactions across different systems can be time consuming and it often leads to missed opportunities. Salesforce’s platform is fully integrated so it manages all customer and prospect interactions in the one place – complete customer lifecycle.
  • It has a solid analytics platform. With Salesforce Wave Analytics you will never be left in the dark about what is going on in your business. Their excellent analytics platform not only gives you an insight into what is going on in your business, it also makes predictions and uncovers patterns in your data that you might not have been aware of. This means you can not only work harder, but also work smarter.

What it means for you

As part of CoTé’s extensive digital customer engagement Services and Solutions capability, our CRM Practice will provide Salesforce strategy, solution design, implementation and delivery services to our clients for new and existing solutions.

Given our proven digital customer engagement knowledge and experience across Customer Communications and Customer Experience Management, CoTé will be uniquely positioned to offer a fresh and more integrated perspective to clients where a deeper understanding of the broader digital customer engagement solution ecosystem is becoming increasingly important.

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