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ClearView partners with CoTé for best practice CCM solution

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ClearView partners with CoTé, a leading Digital Customer Engagement Solutions Provider, to implement a best practice customer communications and experience management solution.




·       To optimise operations and
achieve process and cost efficiencies

·       Multiple systems and processes to communicate with customers

·       Compliance and operational risk because of disparate processes

·       Inconsistent adviser and customer experiences

·       Transformation, rationalisation and digitisation of business processes

·       Implementation of the virsaic platform as a service end-to-end customer communication management solution for Life products

·       Cloud based platform that will enable ClearView to orchestrate all their customer correspondence in one system over time

·       Efficient, streamlined fully auditable business process automation

·       A best practice, enterprise CCM capability providing a single solution for Life products correspondence, centralised content and management, an APRA compliant document archive and multi-channel distribution

·       Digitally enabled and improved   customer experience

·       Foundation for future integration of Life and Wealth products correspondence


In 2014, as part of a broader strategic asset review across the ClearView business to support future enablement, it was recognised that a transformation of ClearView’s information management practices and customer engagement capability was an urgent requirement.
The business was operationally inefficient and cost and commercial risk intensive. An independent assessment was launched and key recommendations proposed to support the development of a best practice information management future state, including options on how best to manage adviser and customer correspondence.

The Challenge

ClearView’s customer communication management function was problematic. It lacked consistency, data originated from multiple source systems and a mix of manual intensive business processes existed alongside multiple out-sourced distribution management capabilities.
A decision was made to implement a best practice CCM solution that would deliver a consistent, scalable, agnostic and integrated enterprise capability.

The Solution

ClearView engaged CoTé, one of Australia’s leading providers of digital customer engagement and information management solutions, to configure an enterprise fit-for-purpose, end-to-end CCM solution using their virsaic™ software as a service platform to future enable ClearView’s strategy. The first stage of this would focus on life insurance products and this solution was implemented in parallel with a broader business and technology transformation across the ClearView business.

The Results

ClearView, together with CoTé, have helped their staff and advisers to efficiently and effectively engage their customers into the future with a technology solution that allows them to be responsive, pro-active and customer-centric.

The solution has delivered an easy-to-use, self-serve APRA compliant business process configuration with a real-time ability to digitally create, manage and distribute content and communications across web, email, SMS, print and mail. Staff are able to securely access a centralised common view of information on-demand to meet customer servicing requirements.

ClearView and CoTé jointly continue to invest in the solution to maximise on-going value for advisers and customers as it is rolled out across other products within the business.

The ease of integration with other enterprise applications will also enable the streamlining of use and access for staff, advisers and customers.

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Why Customer Experience is More Important Than Ever

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Digital disruption has affected virtually every industry and those that haven’t been affected are likely to be in the future. While many people assume that digital disruption is caused by the Internet or mobile technology, this is not the case. At its core digital disruption is driven by customers and their changing expectations.

Thanks to the high levels of connectivity that consumers enjoy, they are more empowered to make choices about who they deal with and how they interact than ever before. If a customer isn’t happy with their experience with one organisation, they have choices and the means to leave and go elsewhere.

Many established organisations and industries that have failed to adapt quickly enough to this have learned the hard way that if you don’t provide your customers with a good experience you are likely to pay the ultimate price. Your customers have alternatives they didn’t have before, and you simply can’t afford to take them for granted.

Customers’ needs and wants have changed and there are a number of priorities that you need to be aware of and embrace if you’re going to be effective at improving your customer experience. These include taking a tailored, individualistic approach to your customers and not just treating them all the same. You also need to think about how accessible your organisation is on different platforms including social media, mobile and the Internet.

Every interaction a customer has with your organisation shapes their overall experience and the feelings they will have towards you. This is why it’s so important to create a positive and integrated customer experience across every area of your business if you want to keep your customers happy over the long term.

In most cases, switching to a customer focused outlook means reviewing every area of your organisation, from your use of technology and social media to the internal processes that dictate how efficiently you can meet your customers’ needs. Most customers have certain expectations when it comes to the experience they have with your organisation, and these include key factors like personalisation, integration across different platforms and transparency of information.

Because of the changing focus on meeting customer needs and the increased availability of information for customers, there has never been a more important time to prioritise customer experience. Your customers know what they are worth and they have access to alternatives if they aren’t happy. Investing in providing your customers with a quality experience is likely to pay off a great deal now and in the future.

NTI plus virsaic

Building a Formidable Digital Future Together

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National Transport Insurance chooses virsaic™


Building a Formidable Digital Future Together

NTI, a leading specialised Australian Insurer, chooses virsaic™, Australia’s foremost digital customer engagement cloud platform, to deliver optimal customer experience through seamless integration.


“Engaging CoTé to implement virsaic™ Integrate has provided NTI with the ability to modernise its customer communications.  As a valued partner, CoTé provides a new level of customer engagement capability and expertise, allowing NTI to concentrate on the things we do best.

The virsaic™ platform has been integrated into NTI’s core insurance system and facilitates seamless communications for our customers and partners”

Marcus Sweeney, Chief Information Officer – NTI



As part of NTI’s broader strategy, a commitment was made to transform customer communication operating processes in order to deliver key strategic objectives and improve overall efficiencies. CoTé Software & Solutions (CoTé) was appointed as the Solutions Partner of Choice to assist NTI in delivering the required outcomes.

The Solution

An Advisory led solution, coupling deep knowledge and expertise to re-engineer NTI’s customer communication templates/user experience and the configuration of a virsaic™ ‘Integrate’ instance, allowed NTI to transform their customer communications capability in readiness for taking critical new products to market in a matter of weeks.

The solution delivered:

  • A best practice, contemporary customer communications template set to support NTI’s evolving customer experience expectations
  • Responsive real time digital design functionality to support true Omni channel communications
  • APRA/ASIC compliant track, trace, analysis, and auditability of communications across all channels
  • Digital Android / IOS wallet integration for Membership card delivery
Digital Wallet Integration example

Digital Wallet Integration example

About NTI

Backed by over 45 years’ experience, and a reputation as Australia’s market leader in heavy commercial motor insurance, NTI is committed to pioneering ways to keep its customers moving forward.

Today, the NTI brand portfolio has evolved to include Yellow Cover – insurance for mobile plant and equipment, Truck Assist – specialised roadside assistance and most recently Marine Protect – Australia’s largest marine insurance offering.

About CoTé Software and Solutions

CoTé is the premier independent partner of choice in Digital Customer Engagement, leveraging the best talent and smart technology to enable our customers to disrupt their markets.

CoTé has developed and built in Australia a locally Azure/AWS hosted world class end-to-end customer engagement cloud platform, virsaic™, that enables business users to seamlessly deliver great experiences for their customers.

Virsaic™ connects the dots across all customer interactions from Onboarding Forms through to Customer Communications Management, Workflow, Archive and Distribution Management.