Defining customer experience can be a challenge and there is no single definition that’s widely accepted at the moment. For many organisations this can make it difficult to determine exactly what their customer experience strategy should look like. If you don’t know what success looks like, it’s going to be very difficult to set appropriate goals and measure your progress effectively.

Here are a few of our suggestions as to what a successful customer experience looks like.

  • Your customers are your biggest advocates and champions. You know you’re getting it right when your customers are your biggest promoters. When customers have had an outstanding experience with an organisation they will tell their friends and family about it and this will result in faster business growth for you. If your customers are raving about you on social media and you’re getting a good influx of word of mouth business and referrals you know your customers are having a great experience with you.
  • Your customers want to connect with you on a personal level. Building great relationships is crucial to offering a good customer experience. You know you are doing a good job with this when your customers start to follow you on social media and reach out to you on a personal level to ask your opinion or advice. If your customers want your organisation in their lives, even when they’re not looking to buy from you, this means they trust you and believe you bring something of value to them.
  • Repeat business forms a significant part of your growth. When it comes down to it, your customers will vote with their wallets. If you are getting a high volume of repeat business and your customers are returning to you over the long term, you can feel pretty confident that you’re providing an experience they like. Customers are empowered with more options than ever before and this means they can and will walk away and take their business elsewhere if they’re not happy.

Measuring your customer experience management strategy is important if you want to be sure you are on track and continuing to provide a high quality experience to your customers.

While each organisation will set their own individual goals, if your customers are promoting you, connecting with you and returning to you on a regular basis you can feel fairly confident that you’re heading in the right direction.


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