The Growing Importance of Social Media in Customer Experience

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Social media is now a commonly used business marketing tool, but increasingly, social media is becoming important as the means for delivering a great customer experience. More and more customers are taking to social media to interact with brands and organisations and those who maintain an active presence and respond quickly are likely to enjoy a strong competitive edge in the future.

A recent research report from Harvard Business Review ( supports this view, comparing how important social media is going to be to customer experience both today and in three years time. Over 600 managers and executives from some of the world’s leading organisations were surveyed and according to the findings, social media is important to 42% of organisations while in three years 75% of respondents believe it will be extremely important. This reflects a growing emphasis on the importance of social media for customer interaction and providing a positive overall experience.

This report also positions social media more as a communication form than a marketing medium, allowing for one on one interactions between a customer and an organisation. The report also highlighted a strong difference between the number of organisations who believed that a superior customer experience was important to their success, and the number who felt their organisation had the tools and skills to deliver an experience of this calibre.

Because so many organisations are lagging behind when it comes to the effective use of social media, there are opportunities for those who are aware of the importance of social media to forge ahead. If you want to get the competitive edge in your industry and offer a superior service to your customers, integrating your social media with your customer experience strategy is crucial.

The benefits of investing in social media include increased revenue, improved risk management and a reduction in costs. The right social media strategy will also enable you to reach your customers across multiple touchpoints and provide a far better level of customer experience and give you the advantage over your competitors in the future.

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s important that you don’t underestimate the importance of social media in your wider customer experience strategy. The business landscape is constantly changing and adapting to customer expectations both now and in the future can give you a huge edge over other organisations that might be less fast to adapt.

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