Why Integration is So Important for Customer Experience

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If you’re looking to create a positive customer experience, integration should be at the top of your priority list. Integrating your customer service and your business systems as a whole can have a number of important benefits for your organisation, not limited to providing an excellent experience for your customers.

Still not convinced? Think about your customer complaints. If a customer has an issue with one of your products or service and they take to Twitter to complain, will you even know? Integrated customer experience platforms can not only help you monitor your complaints, they can trace an individual’s previous interactions with your organisation so you can offer a more personalised response to their feedback.

It’s important to be aware that customers are more connected than ever before, and they generally interact with brands from multiple touchpoints before they make a purchase. If a customer contacts you via live chat on their mobile before switching to email and then picking up the phone do you have any way of tracing them?

The right integration system can keep everything in the same place so you can immediately bring up a customer’s previous interactions with your business and provide them with what they’re looking for. Integration lets you send the right message, to the right person, at the right time and it’s invaluable for any organisation that is serious about their customer experience.

As well as the benefit to the customer, integration has benefits for the organisation, especially when it comes to marketing strategy. If you can determine exactly where your customers come from and map their pathway to making a purchase you can get a much clearer idea of what marketing strategies are most effective and tailor your future strategies for even better results.

Without an integrated way to track your customer interactions at every stage of their journey you’re going to struggle to build up a clear picture of your customers and how they interact with you. This means that not only will your customers get frustrated at their lack of a cohesive experience with you, you will miss out on the valuable insight that an integrated strategy can provide you.

Integration of your systems and data should form the cornerstone of your customer experience strategy. Getting all your data and information in a single place will benefit both your customers and your organisation and allow you to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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