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Over the last 10 years CoTé developed the first fully cloud based Platform as a Service ‘virsaic™’, delivering end to end Customer Engagement.


virsaic™ enables organisations to manage, track, change, deliver, and report on all aspects of customer communications whether they be outbound or inbound, providing a single reference point for all customer engagement across all channels. virsaic™ enables organisations to deliver digital transformation and ensure regulatory compliance removing risk from their business.


Centralise critical customer information and documents, managed across several sources and channels (outbound and inbound)

Enables users to effectively find, share, distribute, secure and collaborate information

Increase operational and compliance visibility and overall business performance whilst reducing costs

Guaranteed service levels and availability

Why VirsaicTM?

  • Fast, compliant solution delivered ‘As a Service’
  • Deployment in days or weeks not months or years.
  • A subscription service so no software or capex required
  • Modular options so only subscribe to what you need
  • Reduced operational costs through configuration not code
  • Extensible and scalable from single customer record to enterprise batch transactional
  • Rich API’s deliver rapid platform integration and speed to market
  • Deliver inbound and outbound digital transformation ‘As a Service’
  • A secure compliant platform that guarantees low cost business improvement

    virsaic™ Specify

Do outdated, missing or stale technical specifications cripple your business due to the inability to track shared content, enable rapid change, and provide confidence when creating customer communications?

virsaic™ Specify bridges the Technical Specification gap between the business user and the technology user allowing you to prototype communications in a visual and collaborative manner, and produces a living technical specification for your build team in a collaborative platform without complex programming.

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    virsaic™ Assure

Do you need to remove risk and deliver confidence to the business by independently testing the build and design of critical communications before they go into production and are delivered to your customers?

virsaic™ Assure provides the ability to create and manage your test planning and execution in one integrated environment. This allows you to apply proven software practise such as Continuous Testing to your customer communication development practises, to provide better test coverage, automated regression testing and a better customer experience across all your communications.

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    virsaic™ Communicate

Does your CCM platform take too long to provision and resource resulting in lengthy delays to your customer communications projects?

virsaic™ Communicate provides an easy to integrate option to start producing customer communications within a matter of days not months, see a quick return on your investment.

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    virsaic™ Interpret

Is the business hamstrung by customer documents that need onboarding, assessment, and processing, but transformation through digital conversion, classification, OCR (and/or ICR), has never been available ‘As a Service’ without expensive software and programming?

virsaic™ Interpret detects text in images and documents using optical character recognition (OCR) and extract the recognized words into a machine-readable character stream. Supported by our BPM technology you can now build the business processes and forms required to save you time and improve indexing quality.

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    virsaic™ Automate

Do you want to enable the business to manage critical communications workflow and deliver compliant processing and approvals to approved KPI’s whilst delivering reporting to strict SLA’s?

virsaic™ Automate let you manage the workflow for all communications in your business. Ensuring SLA’s are met and identifying process improvement opportunities to streamline your communication processes and keep you on the right side of compliance.

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    virsaic™ Distribute

Can you deliver, reconcile, and report on your critical omni-channel customer communications to the business, the regulator or even the auditor?

virsaic™ Distribute manages the aggregation, preparation, delivery and tracking of customer communications across your delivery channels. We enable organisations to become print Mailhouse independent by producing Production Ready print output allowing you to send your print communications to different print providers with a click of a button, keeping you BCP and outsourced compliant. Providing your organisation, visibility and proof of delivery to ensure customer expectations are exceeded.

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CoTé offer online solutions under the VirsaicTM platform which can be easily configured and quickly deployed to meet your requirements

Cloud based custom software development

CoTé is also able to use the VirsaicTM platform to easily customise any solution, extend or develop new functionality to meet your specific requirements.
Custom solutions are rapidly deployed by enabling, configuring and integrating different application services.

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Solution architecture and design consulting

CoTé have a range of Technical Consultants with significant, well proven experience and capability in EIM and general IT solution architecture and design including SOA and ESB implementations, as well as legacy system migrations and integration.

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