How to Use Personalisation to Boost Your Customer Relationships (and Sales!)

Personalisation is important when it comes to building customer relationships but many organisations underestimate just how important it is to tailor your content and offers to the individual rather than taking a general approach. It’s easy to be confused as to the definition of personalisation and exactly what it means. The reality is, personalisation is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and it’s something that is not only wanted by customers, it’s increasingly becoming expected.

What is personalisation?

Personalisation is about providing tailored experiences and bespoke content across different stages of the customer journey. It’s about paying attention to customer behavior and providing them with information based on their behavior and previous choices.

When done properly, personalisation lets you anticipate what your customer might purchase and what interests them so you can provide it to them. This makes their life easier and helps build and maintain a great relationship with your brand.

How to use personalisation

The Prestashop blog lists three ways you can personalise your customer journey to boost your sales. They are:

  1. Collaborative filtering: This is where you filter information based on what the majority of shoppers are doing. This taps into a basic herd mentality and encourages other shoppers to follow suit. You can do things like highlight best selling products, or list items that customers with similar shopping habits also bought.
  2. Audience segmentation: This is where an organisation targets individuals according to certain traits that they share, for instance their age, location, or other demographics. They might also target by purchasing habits or other behaviour. Once you have your segments clearly defined you can tailor content that is most likely suit each segment and that’s relevant to them.
  3. One on one: This is personalisation in its truest form. By collecting a whole range of data on a single customer you can then personalise every communication with them to provide a much better experience and increase the chances of them buying from you. You can use a broad spectrum of data for one on one personalisation including behaviour, their interaction on social media or via email, purchasing history, interests and their stage on the customer journey.

Personalisation is a powerful marketing strategy that can help you build those all important customer relationships and increase your sales over time. Much of it can be automated, making it the ideal strategy for organisations of all different shapes and sizes.

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