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Looking beyond platform – are your processes and people affecting your customer interactions? Part 2: Change

Following from Part 1, in this post we’ll focus on another key issue we observe. This issue will hit your bottom line by hampering your ability to move faster and execute cheaper and better: RIGID AND LONG CHANGE PROCESSES

Without simplified and workflow-supported change processes even minor change can sometimes take days; more complex or wholesale change can take weeks. Change will typically involve a raft of stakeholders – business and technical – and involve requirements, impact assessments, time and effort estimates and scheduling. A defined and clear process like the one depicted here:

The process from request to production clearly must allow for loop backs should errors occur – be they in requirements, specifications or build. You can imagine the rework AND the re-involvement of numerous stakeholders to push requests through and meet deployment deadlines.

Now imagine this process AND the overall time and effort estimation being de-risked by prototyping your communications during the requirements / specification stage, with all relevant stakeholders reviewing and signing-off the prototypes using underpinning workflow.

Ditto for the subsequent stages – rapid look back, remediation prototyping, testing and approval.

You can readily infer the business benefits of workflow; requests can move though faster, with less effort, time and cost and with better quality.

Workflow, via Automate, is weaved in to the fabric of virsaic.

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