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[WEBINAR] The New Normal in Customer Communications

Experience and automation are the new norm in customer communications. Is your CCM able to respond?

Changing customer expectations and the pandemic have put pressure on customer communications. We’re entering a world where there is no blueprint for what to do next, and responding effectively to customer interactions matters more than ever.

In this on demand webinar, experts from CoTé Software & Solutions and DXC Technology explore the role Customer Communication Management (CCM) will play in improving customer experience and automating the engagement.

Join experts from CoTé and DXC Technology and explore:

  • What customers now expect with every interaction
  • Real world examples of customer experience pressure points
  • Where the post-COVID opportunities lie
  • How to adjust your processes and systems to respond to this new normal

This session will help you find out what customers really want from you in this new world and give you the chance to ask your burning questions about what to do next.

Your presenters

Ross Ingleton<br>Head of Strategic Sales, CoTé Software & Solutions
Ross Ingleton
Head of Strategic Sales, CoTé Software & Solutions

With over almost 40 years in management roles Ross has spent the last 30 years working on global outsourced communication solutions for financial services, utilities, telecommunications and retail markets. Ross’s experience includes working for some of Australia’s largest mail houses, selling traditional mainframe based CCM bureau offerings through to today’s configurable cloud based CXM offerings.

Anthony Kravinskis<br>Practice Lead, CX Digital Communications Executive, DXC Technology
Anthony Kravinskis
Practice Lead, CX Digital Communications Executive, DXC Technology

As global leader of DXC Technology’s CX Digital Communications Services Anthony is responsible for global strategy, investments and go-to-market decisions to drive growth by delivering value-add, innovative offerings to the market—with a focus on delivering services that improve customer experiences, providing capabilities that connect Global 500 businesses and governments with their customers and citizens worldwide.

Marie Pinder<br>Strategic Sales Consultant, CoTé Software & Solutions
Marie Pinder
Strategic Sales Consultant, CoTé Software & Solutions

Marie has over 20 years experience as a specialist in Customer Experience Management (CXM), Customer Communications Management (CCM), Interactive Digital Experience helping SME and large enterprise clients in Financial Services, Insurance, Logistics, Telecommunications, Franchise, Fashion and Education transition to digital cloud platforms to create their ultimate success in customer journey experience & business growth.

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