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Aragon Research and CoTé align on Workflow and Content Automation

It should be child’s play – automate your processes

In our blogs about people and process last year we covered a lot of ground: Sources of truth, change management, requirements management, testing and people and organisation.

A common theme through those articles was workflow to sharpen process and to ensure the content in your customer communications is correct, consistent, optimised, re-used and seamlessly managed.

It’s all about process efficiency

Consider this; in their Tech SpectrumTM for Workflow and Content Automation, 2020 (December 2019) Aragon Research outline the importance and emergence of automating customer and employee journeys and the critical documents required for those journeys.

Aragon Research recommends that organisations need to:

  • focus on automating document journeys
  • automate document generation while balancing this against fully automating the end-to-end content automation process
  • seek solution providers that have a clear and concise product roadmap
  • create a Centre of Excellence that focuses on content automation

Where are you in your thinking?

From its inception, CoTé’s virsaicTM Communications-as-a-Service platform has had easy, configurable workflow at its core. It is already helping organisations automate their business with its easy, configurable workflow. For example, virsaic helps to orchestrate:

  • process flows for template specification review and approval – specifications that draw on, and extensively re-use content and data from, virsaic’s native content, data and image libraries
  • automating document generation for front-line staff as interactive ad hoc correspondence is selected, edited, previewed, reviewed, approved, generated and distributed
  • journey mapping for senders and recipients including full tracking and easily configurable, automated actions
  • process flows / next best action for inbound correspondence including triggering attendant internal processes including outbound correspondence
  • migrations from manual CCM processes and from incumbent, inefficient, functionally-limited and costly systems

And all of the above with KPI tracking, analytics, escalations and comprehensive auditing and reporting.

Our track record is solid and our roadmap is clear:

  • we invest our time in partnerships with our customers, helping them to be self-sufficient and efficient and, in turn, invite them to drive us further.
  • we continue to invest in process automation and continually extend our end-to-end configurable processes that fully support outbound and inbound customer communications.

If you are keen to sharpen your processes and your content, ask!

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