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Do rising customer expectations, ever-changing regulatory requirements, ageing legacy systems, and increasingly laborious and costly manual processes sound familiar? We understand.

Demands on insurers are mounting, but fortunately technology is advancing at an astounding pace. For insurers that have found it hard to transform CoTé provides the power to deliver sector-defining outcomes through our end-to-end Communications-as-a-Service platform, virsaic™

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Complete communications solutions

virsaic offers insurers digital transformation and is configurable by design. It manages both outbound communications and inbound interactions facilitating straight through processing for a better customer engagement. virsaic also minimises risk by offering Australian insurers an APRA and ASIC compliant platform to manage customer communications.


End-to-end workflow-supported customer communications management. From business requirements and specification management, to development and testing, then communication composition through to tracked and reported delivery and storage. Combine this with inbound document handling and business process action triggering for a complete solution.


Already have solutions in place but experiencing issues with your communications specifications? Improve pace and quality with virsaic Specify. Easily manage business requirements, share content, comprehensively assess the impact of change, record and track all changes, and include business decision makers in communication prototyping and rapid approval.


Already have solutions in place but need to consolidate and optimise your communication distribution to reduce costs and gain mailhouse independence? Or need to track your digital distribution right through to opens and clicks, and fully report on every delivery channel? virsaic Distribute is the answer.


Improve the efficiency of your inbound business processes with virsaic Interpret. Interpret helps optimise outbound communications including forms by ingesting, scanning, converting, classifying and storing communications from any inbound channel. And by combining it with Automate, it’s possible to trigger any number of actions based on the content of inbound communications.


What people say

It’s never been more important to be able to trust in the quality of the delivery. But don’t take our word for it.


Become a digital native

Whether you are keeping legacy systems or not, we can strengthen your digital capabilities to improve your agility and effectiveness.


Automate critical business processes

Automate policy distribution management, renewals, and claims tasks to reduce the cost of manual processing and enable a greater speed of change.


Prove compliance standards

With a full audit trail available behind every communication, maintaining compliance standards becomes easy and reduces your exposure to regulatory risk.


Find new ways to drive loyalty

Take advantage of easier communication to test new products and provide your customers with value-adding opportunities that strengthen their loyalty.

Our insurance clients

Get more power in your delivery