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IT strategy consulting

IT strategy consulting that puts you in control of your customer interactions.

Our experience is your guarantee of an outstanding customer experience. Our team of senior consultants partner with you to develop a cohesive, customer-centric strategy, along with a clear plan to successfully execute it. Their specialised domain experience will give you the insight you need to effectively reach your customers, from the inside out.

IT strategy consulting

Our IT strategy consulting services

Customer engagement strategy

Create more personalised and compelling experiences with a comprehensive strategy

Digital communication strategy

Harness the power of digital technologies for a more agile responsive business

Technology assessment

Understand the journey to transform customer experience with innovative technologies

Digital transformation

Revolutionise your business with the power of advanced digital technologies

Business process automation

Streamline complex processes across your business to increase simplicity and efficiency

Customer journey and experience mapping

Identify improvement opportunities in each customer journey

Customer interaction management

Manage every customer interaction to enhance customer experience across multiple channels

Process and system assessments

Gain a complete understanding of business processes and systems to address gaps or weaknesses


Challenging the status quo

We provide the know-how to enable your business to understand its current state, but we don’t stop there. We also remove the barriers that enable a shift in organisational thinking, helping you transition seamlessly to your desired future state.


Richer customer interactions

Our solutions connect the dots between your business and your customers, so that every touchpoint is optimised to deliver richer customer interactions.


Real outcomes delivered quickly

We enable your teams to master all aspects of customer communications management to create business value. We’ll help you achieve real outcomes in a fraction of the time.


What people say

It’s never been more important to be able to trust in the quality of the delivery. But don’t take our word for it.

How we can help

There’s more to the CoTé story. See how else we can help you deliver.


Understand your current customer communications state and develop a roadmap for the future


Implement the models, processes, and technology that will transform your business

managed IT services


Maintain control with end-to-end customer communications management


Free the flow of customer communication with the virsaic™ CCM platform

Get more power in your delivery