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Managed IT Services

Does it feel like the effort it takes to deliver your message is taking away from the time you have to craft it? It’s a rising challenge.

We’ll help you spend less time managing your communications, and more time engaging your customers. The broad skill set of the CoTé team will ensure that your end-to-end communications are managed according to best practice, letting you focus on the message so you can deliver real results for your business.

managed IT services

Our managed IT services

Solution design

Diagnose and identify the right solutions to simplify processes and amplify every communication


Augment internal teams with development specialists that have the expertise to deliver


Our meticulous testing ensures every release that happens is one your team can rely on

Management & support

Teams with blended skills ensure service continuity, rapid issue resolution and efficient change management

managed IT services

Reduce the cost of CCM

Get everything you need with a manageable, consistent operating cost; one that you can rely on to deliver expected outcomes.


Change when you need it

Reduce the cost of hiring and training CCM experts, drawing from the CoTé bench when required.


Always stay up to date

Our managed IT services team stays up to date with changing technology, so your team doesn’t have to.


What people say

When it comes to managed IT services, it’s never been more important to be able to trust in the quality of the delivery. But don’t take our word for it.

How we can help

There’s more to the CoTé story. See how else we can help you deliver.


Understand your current customer communications state and develop a roadmap for the future


Implement the models, processes, and technology that will transform your business

managed IT services


Maintain control your end-to-end customer communications management


Free the flow of customer communication with the virsaic™ CCM platform

Get more power in your delivery