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Seamless crisis communication capabilities

Crisis communication that rapidly reaches your stakeholders at the moment they need it most.

Staying connected with your customers, members, patients, or any other stakeholder is critical during uncertain times. When the situation is fluid and messaging must adapt, CoTé’s Communications-as-a-Service platform, virsaic™, provides agile and scalable CCM and customer experience capabilities that support rapid, adaptable communications, letting you be there when it matters.

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There, when delivery matters most

Our rapid deployment process enhances your organisational agility while enabling you to deliver exceptional customer experience during turbulent times. Here’s how it works:

Cloud-based crisis communication platform

Our end-to-end platform frees up critical business and technical resources to focus on what matters most—your critical messages and your customers’ experience.

Simple and rapid to deploy

Set up your secure cloud-based platform, independently, within days with the simplest of integrations, and quickly send and receive tailored communications through digital channels. APIs allow easy integration with critical systems, letting you import data without integrating with core applications that sit behind firewalls. Customer data is stored either in Australia or the USA and is private and secure (ISO 27001compliant).

Two-way communication at speed

virsaic™ gives you instant, two-way messaging, removing the limitations of paper-based communications. Communications are sent instantly, with auditable message tracking to ensure delivery. Customers can easily respond to critical next steps while analytics let you continuously monitor interactions and obtain feedback.

Expedited approvals process

Speed the creation and approval of your communications via automated, inbuilt workflows, rather than legacy applications and processes that may hamper rapid change. Pre-built, ready-made templates and workflows are provided; just add branding, customise content and workflows, and add any inclusions.

Tailored messaging and responsive feedback

Deliver swift, personalised digital communications to your customers with a new low cost, no long-term commitment solution. Built-in reporting allows you to record and easily analyse all interactions, then quickly hone your messaging for effectiveness.

Avoid the risk of outsourced communications

Create, modify, and approve communications without relying on external print or mailhouse supply chains. Ensure every communication reflects management responses to changing circumstances and your customers’ feedback.

Build your customer experience capabilities with the virsaic™ CCM platform


Better experiences

Proactive messages reduce the need for customer contact, while visibility of prior communications speeds up customer support interactions.


Streamline processes

Reduce the time it takes to produce customer communications down to days, not months.


Improve efficiency

Communicate frictionlessly by automating manual tasks and processes.

Rapidly enable your crisis communication capabilities