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Technology consulting

Build your digital customer engagement capabilities with flexible support

Imagine having someone who knows what’s going on in your world and knows what questions to ask to achieve the best results.

That’s what it’s like having our technology consulting team on hand. They understand the challenges you’re facing and have solved them all before; that’s what gives them the power to promise real outcomes from every delivery.

Technology consulting

Our technology consulting services

managed IT services
Program and project management

End-to-end support where it’s needed

Business analysis

Identification of business needs along with provision of complete solutions

Change Management

Effectively manage the human and structural impacts of organisational change

Development and testing

Ensure what you design is effective and easy to manage after every release

Technology consulting

Deep customer understanding

We are specialists in Customer Communications Management. It is this deep understanding of the CCM space, combined with our individual skill-sets, that gives us real power in our execution.


Greater outcomes without the cost

We’re only there when you need us. Leverage cost-effective outsourcing to a skilled team, with the ability to adjust as your needs change throughout the project. We’ll ensure the handover is easy and seamless.


Access to a broad range of skills

Augment your internal capability and enhance the speed of delivery with on-demand access to a wide range of skills including development, CRM, CCM and ERP platforms, and design thinking.


What people say

It’s never been more important to be able to trust in the quality of the delivery. But don’t take our word for it.

How we can help

There’s more to the CoTé story. See how else we can help you deliver.


Understand your current customer communications state and develop a roadmap for the future


Implement the models, processes, and technology that will transform your business

managed IT services


Maintain control of end-to-end customer communications management


Free the flow of customer communication with the virsaic™ CCM platform

Get more power in your delivery