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virsaic™ CXM platform

Even the most beautifully worded message can’t build loyalty if it has errors or fails to reach your customer at all.

CoTé’s virsaic™ Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform frees the flow of communication by removing the roadblocks that stand in the way of customer engagement.

CoTé’s is the only secure cloud all-in-one CXM platform that hosts many pre-packaged applications that accelerates your organizations productivity with features such as highly configurable automation workflows, machine learning / AI, omni-channel communications, dynamic reporting and API’s for all your integration needs, minimizing the effort of digital transformation to deliver a seamless customer experience.

virsaic CCM software

A complete CXM platform

Every virsaic™ product can work independently or as a fully integrated enterprise service.


Enable your teams to adopt a visual and collaborative approach to prototyping communications with virsaic™ Specify. Track shared content, enable rapid changes, and have ultimate confidence in the creation of your customer communications


Test the build and design of critical communications in a single, integrated environment with virsaic™ Assure. A continuous testing approach removes risk while simultaneously improving customer experience across all touchpoints


Reduce the time it takes to produce customer communications down to days, not months, with virsaic™ Communicate. Realise a rapid return on investment with an easy to integrate platform that takes the pain out of customer communications management


Save time onboarding, assessing, and processing customer documents with virsaic™ Interpret. Text in images and documents are quickly digitised through optical character recognition (OCR), for a cost-effective service which increases efficiency and indexing quality


Manage the workflow of all business communications with virsaic™ Automate. Streamline communication processes to improve adherence to agreed SLAs, while maintaining compliance standards and minimising risk


Deliver, reconcile, and report on your critical omni-channel customer communications with virsaic™ Distribute. Satisfy your compliance requirements with the output of print-ready communications, which can be sent to different print providers at the click of a button

ccm software

A CXM platform that delivers an automatically great customer experience

With virsaic™ managing every step in the customer communications process, you are free to focus on crafting the messages that will move your customers most.


Communicate without the friction

virsaic™ makes it simple to automate and update manual tasks and processes, improving efficiency and minimising the effort of transformation.


Meet everyone’s approval

By eliminating manual processes, the virsaic™ CXM platform also removes the risk of errors and delays, keeping your compliance team as happy as your customers.


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Implement the models, processes, and technology that will transform your business

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Maintain control with end-to-end customer communications management


Free the flow of customer communication with the virsaic™ CXM platform

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