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CoTé Customer Experience Management

amplify engagement – Simplify technologies

Discover a single solution for all industries

Looking to digitally transform your organization? Say hello to CoTé. 

To engage is to create an emotional connection between your customer and your brand.

CoTé is the worlds leading trusted technology partner that provides powerful Customer Experience Management (CXM) cloud SaaS solution applications.

CoTé delivers a powerful all-in-one platform that solves todays challenges to help your organization stay agile, increase value, deliver great experiences to boost employee satisfaction and help put the customer first.

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CoTé helps to deliver seamless experiences with simple workflows
CoTé helps to simplify technologies with API's
CoTé helps to automate your organization
Cote helps to increase decision making with AI /Machine Learning
CoTé helps to boost employee productivity
CoTé helps to attract new customers
CoTé helps to minimise risk with robust audit and reporting
CoTé helps you to communication across multiple channels
CoTé helps keep data secure with cloud hosting
CoTé helps to shorten response times and increase value
CoTé helps to streamline change management
CoTé helps to reduce rework with automated regression testing

CoTé frame solutions around the needs of your customers, your users and your organisation


Boost sales performance

Drive business results with features that help you maximise the value of every interaction.  Use simple lead capture, on-demand customer communications, and integrated quote management to win sales. At the same time, track and evaluate business sales performance with real-time reporting.

Engage – Convert – Prosper


Meet customers where they are

Effectively engage your customers and employees across every channel – outbound and inbound – to deliver an exceptional experience at every communication touchpoint.

Get instant visibility into how and where you can make the greatest impact, with insights and analytics that cover all channels, from customer activated service requests to real-time two-way omnichannel interactions, whether they are business to business, or direct to consumer.

Interact with B2B and B2C at every touch point.


Nurture life-time value of your customers

Increase the lifetime value of customers by providing memorable experiences that secure loyalty.

Configurable automated workflows streamline outbound and inbound interactions between the organisation, employees, and the end customer, enabling more personalised interactions across customer journeys. Smart digital forms and decision-making reduce friction and make it easy for customers to renew their business with you.

Map customer journey orchestration workflows from acquisition to retention.


Get compliance built-in

Never miss a step with business process automation combined with digital archival tools that track and record all assets, business logic and business interactions.

Intelligent automated workflows provide complete reassurance that your organisation meets even the toughest regulatory and internal compliance standards. We incorporate stringent controls into our solutions to help with overall risk management, and automated audit trails make it easy to respond to regulatory change.

Put compliance on autopilot with robust controls and built-in safeguards


Drive internal efficiencies

Minimise manual processes and cross-skill staff with a solution that is tailored to your organisation’s needs. Drive cost savings and increase brand engagement across your enterprise.

Leverage CoTé technology to help you manage personalised on-demand business and customer interactions, using CoTé’s best in class automated workflows and powerful machine learning / AI which allows you to do more with less, improve customer and employee experience, and free up your staff to focus on higher-value activities.


CoTé proudly launches AGENCYMATE in the U.S!

Watch our latest 2-minute product overview highlighting the benefits Insurance Agencies will receive with AGENCYMATE’s (U.S based) all-in-one fully integrated and automated Agency Management Solution (AMS)

AGENCYMATE is a cloud application empowering SMB Insurance Agents with the right tools to provide full customer lifecycle lead-to-sale-to-service excellence every. single. day.


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