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Consistency comes standard

Smart, configurable workflows streamline and automate outbound and inbound communication enabling more personalised interactions across your customers’ journeys.


“The virsaic™ CCM platform facilitates our core insurance proposition – being highly personalised. That’s a a core part of our strategy. It’s a system that does everything.”

Optimise every customer touchpoint

Our solutions connect with your customers across every channel – outbound and inbound – so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience at every communication touchpoint.


“CoTé’s strength is their deep domain knowledge of CCM – not only the technology but what potential target customers’ needs are going to be.”

Improve operational efficiency and cost

Highly configurable automation minimises manual processes, giving you the tools to drive efficiency in your business and improve both customer and employee experience.


“Before virsaic™, communications could go missing, there were privacy issues, manual tasks, and no quality control. Now with virsaic every update or change happens automatically, with no manual intervention and no process breakdown.”

Scalable no matter the demand

virsaic™ offers 24/7 availability and accessibility through Microsoft Azure Service Fabric, enabling businesses to scale up and down depending on demand while always offering high performance.


“CoTé’s experience and knowledge has greatly helped us to understand exactly what was possible, and how to implement it within our business operations.”


Enhanced visibility for your team

Gain access to customer insights via CoTé’s dashboard, which tracks all inbound and outbound communications to improve customer outcomes.


Improve quality and compliance

We build robust approvals audit
and compliance capabilities into our solutions, enabling your team to work faster with confidence.


Trusted advice

Years of experience as independent trusted advisor and solution specialist, helping organisations become digital and escape legacy constraints.


Some of our awesome customers

These are just some of the companies that we’re helping to delivering outstanding customer experiences

What’s next in customer experience management

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We’re in an era of digital disruption and customers expect you to earn their loyalty, over and over again. If you can’t, or won’t provide a great customer experience, they’re more likely to complain or simply take their money elsewhere. Customers are more informed, more empowered, and they seek an affinity with brands—not just products […]

Transitioning to streamlined digital processes for quality customer experiences

2020 has brought about many challenges for organisations unprepared for the rapid shift to digital cloud-based processes.  As we discussed in our recent webinar on The New Normal, the organisations that were able to rapidly and smoothly shift to digital platforms for customer communications and business procedures were those who had already mastered the end-to-end […]

Customer experience statistics that show positive CX starts with communication

Eye-opening stats that show positive customer experience starts with communication Marketing leaders know that delivering a better customer experience (CX) is a competitive driver. Achieving high levels of engagement and positive sentiment across the entire customer journey starts with effective communication. Why? Because communication lies at the heart of every customer interaction. The communication divide [...]

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