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Gartner’s latest CCM Market Guide will definitely get you thinking!

CCM Great idea
Think about your CCM something better!

Do you have the right CCM solution and partner for your future omni-channel customer communication needs?

Why do you get up in the morning?

Picture this; you are the person int your organisation that owns the…

  • content of your comms or
  • look and feel of your comms or
  • full set of customer journeys / interactions or
  • inhouse solution and team that generates and delivers your outbound comms and deals with your inbound comms OR
  • relationship with the external provider generates and delivers your comms or deals with your inbound comms?

Are you completely comfortable that everything is hunky-dory and that you don’t need to do anything at all to improve your processes, reduce your risk, improve your quality, simplify your kit and reduce your costs?

If yes, then stop reading now and go and have another coffee. If there is a stone in your shoe, read on.

Gartner recommendations

Gartner, in its Market Guide for Customer Communications Management (December 2019) recommends that you should be on your toes and looking seriously at:

  • Multi-experience customer journeys that can be supported by your solution.
    • Bi-directional comms, simple alerts and notifications, customer-initiated self-service comms, digital marketing, advanced targeting and integration with digital experience tools, e.g. chatbots.
  • Reassessing your current CCM capability/ies by benchmarking against emerging or innovative solutions
  • Reducing your operational and technical burden by moving your solution/s to the cloud.

CoTé rounds it out

To the Gartner recommendations CoTé would add that you really need to think about your end-to-end processes by supporting them with easy, intuitive review and approval workflow. By end-to-end we mean your complementary business and technical processes … EVERYTHING to do CCM:

  • Multi-channel template, atomic content, data model, artwork and pack management
  • Ad hoc, batch and interactive comms
  • Simple, comprehensive impact analyses when content is being changed
  • Easy configuration and automated testing
  • Distribution / delivery management and tracking
  • Multi-channel Inbound correspondence management and automated next action upon receipt
  • Comprehensive inbuilt, versioning, auditing and reporting
  • Archive and business / customer portals

virsaic DELIVERS!

CoTé, through virsaicTM, ticks off all of the items that Gartner says CCM vendors should be striving for. We:

  • are expanding our portfolio deeper into Customer and Digital experience
  • differentiate ourselves with specialized vertical and horizontal use cases, emerging use of AI and simplified SaaS-style pricing
  • provide automated tools that decompose legacy communications into component parts for redesign/template rationalization efforts
  • deliver advanced authoring capabilities to create and manage atomic content elements within communications
  • provide a full cloud Communications-as-a-Service platform (it’s been full cloud since launched 2011!)
  • reduce the complexity and cost of migration from legacy systems

…got you thinking about that stone in your shoe? Do something! Give us a buzz.

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