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Looking beyond platform – are your processes and people affecting your customer interactions? Part 5: People and Organisation

Following on from People and Process Parts 123 and 4, in this post we’ll focus on the of key issues of PEOPLE and ORGANISATION.

We observe four key areas where impediments to fluid, good practice can occur. When prudent to do so, and relevant to customer communications management processes, we provide strategic advice on how to smooth out those impediments.

  • Structure – a poorly organised business, one that is too loosely governed or is directionless platform- or process-wise is unlikely to adopt or adhere to good CCM process.
  • Stakeholder management – without correct identification and recruitment of key stakeholders, and investing them in CCM processes, there will be uncertainty about their and your responsibilities. Expectations will not be clear …nor met.
  • Accountability – coupled with the above, without an understood and accepted RACI Responsibility matrix, individuals seeking guidance, review or approval may have to hunt and double-up to make progress.
  • Skills and training – whilst CCM experts know their game, without hand-picked, informed and invested client-facing and operational staff being close to the CCM process and solutions, once again efficiency and quality will be impacted.

CoTé’s experts support organisations when implementing good practice in the CCM domain, doing our best to ensure that everyone knows what’s what. Where we note any deficiencies in any of the four areas, we won’t be shy in pointing them out while at the same time recommending improvements.

We offer:

  • Options for establishing and integrating CCM people capability, whether fully in-house or via a managed service or a blended arrangement: leadership, team structures, role types, role responsibilities and stakeholder identification guides.
  • Tried and tested engagement techniques, including ‘CCM-101’ education for stakeholders at all levels.
  • CCM analysis and CCM development methodologies, policies, procedures and standards.

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