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Looking beyond platform – are your processes and people affecting your customer interactions? Part 1: Source of truth

Sound advice is fundamental when approaching how to implement or sharpen an implementation of CCM to improve your customer interactions.

Our deep experience tells us that poor CCM process and inexperienced people will impact key business drivers:

We focus our efforts and our solution, virsaic, on solving all of the issues we hear about …throughout the end-to-end process.

In this article we’ll home in on the number one issue we observe, particularly in larger organisations: NO SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH.

We see disparate and duplicated information sources spread across multiple documents, spreadsheets and systems managed by different business, technical and operational teams. 

All of this this requires tedious and often difficult cross-referencing, maintenance and manual effort and is often prone to mis-interpretation, inconsistency and error.

Typical Issues

  • No common or centralised catalogue or register of communications (often siloed by business line, product or platform, etc.)
  • No consistent set of business processes, standards, terms of references
  • Spend a lot of time looking for the right information – not chargeable
  • Business and IT speaking different languages and change requests are not aligned, e.g. many business process variations managed in one template
  • Information is often incomplete or out-of-date

Our approach and our solution both aim to provide organisations that single source of truth so that the key business drivers of Faster, Cheaper and Better can be met.

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