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[FREE WEBINAR] How to digitalise member & employee experience at every interaction

Super webinar on demand

Superannuation funds are under increasing pressure to provide personalised, timely, consistent and relevant experiences to all members, while also dealing with a rapidly changing regulatory environment. But in an environment where data is siloed and funds rely on manual processing, that is a challenge. The reality is, if you can’t compete digitally, you can’t compete.

In this free 60-minute on-demand webinar, experts from CoTé Software & Solutions, Rollit Wealth, and Insync who have experience servicing clients in the Superannuation / Wealth sector explore how leveraging technology and adaptive processes to digitalise interactions not only leads to improved member and employee experiences, but will help funds compete at scale in a highly regulated and changing wealth environment.

The session explores:

  • The growing challenge of delivering to member expectations
  • The benefits of digitalising member interactions
  • The process of transforming  member and employee experience
  • How to scale to provide a digital wealth platform for all members

If you’re ready to embrace the digital revolution for your members and employees and reap the benefits of streamlined and flexible CCM systems that grow with you, you cannot afford to miss this free webinar.  

Your presenters

<strong>Bill Suntovski<br></strong>Principal Consultant<br>CoTé Software & Solutions
Bill Suntovski
Principal Consultant
CoTé Software & Solutions

As Senior Executive Manager and Principal Consultant in Customer Experience Management (CXM), Customer Communications Management (CCM) Bill has helped to design and managed the delivery of many large scale customer-centric billing and correspondence projects for many of Australia’s largest blue-chip companies which streamlined mission critical business processes, enriched the customer experience and realised significant cost reductions.

<strong>Mark MacLeod</strong><br>Chief Executive Officer<br>Rollit Wealth
Mark MacLeod
Chief Executive Officer
Rollit Wealth

As the owner and CEO of Rollit Wealth, Mark is responsible for the creation of the personal wealth platform for working Australians. A tool that covers all aspects of our financial lives from superannuation, property and financial advice, to shopping discounts, spending analysis and budgeting.

<strong>Tony Salvage<br></strong>Head of Customer Experience & Managing Director, Sydney<br>Insync
Tony Salvage
Head of Customer Experience & Managing Director, Sydney

As Managing Director, Sydney, he is responsible for transforming customer and employee experience to underpin business performance. He has extensive commercial experience in the financial services, retail and travel sectors. Insync are leaders in integrated experience management, research and consulting. Insync’s purpose is to inspire success and have helped over 1,000 organisations in over 50 industries.

<strong>Marie Pinder</strong><br>Strategic Sales Consultant<br>CoTé Software & Solutions
Marie Pinder
Strategic Sales Consultant
CoTé Software & Solutions

Marie has over 20 years experience as a specialist in Customer Experience Management (CXM), Customer Communications Management (CCM), Interactive Digital Experience helping SME and large enterprise clients in Financial Services, Insurance, Logistics, Telecommunications, Franchise, Fashion and Education transition to digital cloud platforms to create their ultimate success in customer journey experience & business growth.

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