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Customer experience solutions

Do more than just deliver messages—deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Effective customer communications have the power to change your business. Our customer experience solutions help you foster loyalty, drive internal efficiency, and develop more profitable customer relationships through your communications.

Our capability goes further than simply helping you send the right message at the right time. Automated audit and compliance workflows ensure absolute confidence in your communications and peace of mind that your business and customers are protected.

IT services

Customer experience solutions that enhance every touchpoint, no matter your industry.

Ability to personalise, compose and deliver responsive two-way customer communications, across any channel and device, enabling the following;

  • Essential Customer Communications  (quotes, statements, invoices, letters, etc.)

  • Multi-channel ad hoc marketing campaigns

  • Interactive letter correspondence generation

  • Correspondence library – centralised source of truth for all correspondence content, digital assets and business rules

  • Real-time / interactive digital document generation and delivery (e.g. quotes, claims, registrations)

  • Batch and instant SMS messaging

  • Instant WhatsApp messaging

Ability to track, trace and archive all outbound and inbound communications from a single solution

  • Single multi-channel distribution gateway (print, email, SMS, web, whatsapp)
  • Correspondence archival portal (record-of-truth document repository), providing a central location of all inbound and outbound customer communications allowing authorised users to search, view and re-send any historical customer communication across all channels, check delivery status and service general customer enquiries.
  • Pre-configured, optimised Production-ready output print streams to direct mail production files to your existing or alternative/backup print provider for DRP and BCP events.

Ability to systematically extract data using OCR/ICR from documents and images, and digitise and streamline manual business processes such as:

  • Paper-based customer application processing

  • Consignment and shipping notices processing

  • Accounts payable and payslip processing

  • Inbox enquiry/response processing and management

Ability to standardise and automate customer interactions across all channels using configurable visual workflows , which will allow you to;

  • Automate customer journeys and multi-channel interactions such as onboarding process, service and support requests and general enquiries.

  • Provide a unified Omni-channel Customer Engagement experience

Ability to digitise and automate any manual, inefficient and costly business processes (e.g. paper-based), with legacy IT systems and data constraints to enable;

  • Rapid Digital Transformation

  • Document Approval and Workflow Automation

  • Enhanced Service and Operational Dashboards

Ability to collaborate with business and technical teams to design, develop, review, test, approve and deliver documents of any level of complexity quickly and efficiently including:

  • Document prototyping

  • Functional Requirements Management Database (Specifications)

  • Content Catalogue

  • Correspondence Library

Rapidly respond to stakeholders’ needs for timely, personalised, and accurate information through multiple channels, while reducing the impact on customer service representatives.

  • Manage one- or two-way notifications and correspondence
  • Quickly customise FYIs and calls to action
  • Inbuilt feedback loops equip you to track, trace, record, report, and sharpen messaging
  • Send, measure and track offers, eDMs, and campaigns
  • Gain valuable insights with online surveys

Build your customer experience capabilities with the virsaic™ CXM platform


Better experiences

Proactive messages reduce the need for customer contact, while visibility of prior communications speeds up customer support interactions.


Streamline processes

Reduce the time it takes to produce customer communications down to days, not months.


Improve efficiency

Communicate frictionlessly by automating manual tasks and processes.


What people say

It’s never been more important to be able to trust in the quality of the delivery. But don’t take our word for it.

Get more power in your delivery